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How To Improve Your Credit Score?

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How Do I Get My Credit Score?

Posted On : September 10th, 2012
How do I get my credit score? This question is often asked by people, as there are many benefits in knowing this score. Firstly, from this score you get to know the level of your credit worthiness as perceived by lenders. Based on your credit score and other factors, lenders will decide the level of […]

How To Check Credit Score For Free?

Posted On : May 1st, 2012
Many consumers wonder how to check credit score for free, and there are several different ways to access this score. Consumers may use the official website for free credit reports at Alternatively, they can join a service that offers a free credit score, or they can contact FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) directly for access […]

Credit Check For Landlords – Online Credit/Background Check

Posted On : August 26th, 2011
It is important that a landlord has a credit check done for the prospective tenant, so that he is assured that the person can pay the rent and other bills in time and look after the property in the proper way. The landlord must check out the credit and references by doing a credit check […]

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