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How To Improve Your Credit Score?

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What Is The Average Credit Score?

Posted On : December 24th, 2012
Many consumers wonder, “What is the average credit score?” The simple answer to that question is 692. This average number is based on data that was collected by the credit reporting agency Experian. To determine this average credit score, Experian used credit scores from the Fair Isaac Company. The Fair Isaac Company creates a credit […]

Just What Is An Excellent Credit Score?

Posted On : December 3rd, 2012
The question of what is an excellent credit score plagues tens of thousands of people the world over. A person’s credit score will determine if he or she can get a car loan, mortgage loan, student loan or even a payday loan. Furthermore, an individual’s score will have a large bearing on how much interest […]

Using A Credit Score Calculator To Your Advantage

Posted On : July 11th, 2012
People used to wait nervously in bank offices to learn their credit scores. This often led to wastes of time and effort when they tried to acquire loans that they could not g tor they got surprised with an unexpectedly high interest rate. The process of discovering all the data used to determine a credit […]

How The Credit Score Chart Works?

Posted On : May 15th, 2012
A lot of people who apply for loans get nervous when they hear the words; “credit score”. There is a strong connection between getting a loan and having the right credits scores. A lot of Americans live on credit. Every month, millions of people pay off a certain installment of the loans they have taken […]

What Is A Perfect Credit Score?

Posted On : April 22nd, 2012
Credit scores are three-digit numbers used by lending institutions to determine your creditworthiness. They range between 300 and 850, with an average credit score lying between 680 and 700. The Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), a software company in Minneapolis, created the formula for determining these scores. The perfect credit score, therefore, is 850. But, how […]

What Is An Excellent Credit Score And How This Can Be Helpful For You?

Posted On : September 23rd, 2011
To know what is an excellent credit score, you must first understand how a credit score is represented and why you need one. As the name implies, the credit score is a rating and is represented by a numerical value. The credit report is the most vital parameter used to calculate your credit score. This […]

What Is A Bad Credit Score?

Posted On : September 9th, 2011
A credit score is a number generated by the three credit bureaus based on the information pertaining to your credit report. It is calculated based on a specific formula and with the help of this score it is possible for banks, insurance companies and other lenders to assess your creditworthiness and whether you are a […]

What Is The Average Credit Score And How To Improve It?

Posted On : August 14th, 2011
The Credit score is based on the financial history. There are three major credit bureaus including Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. These bureaus have slightly different version of scoring. Due to this reason, scores are different for different individuals. Average credit score is calculated by checking individual credit scores from huge database and then taking […]

What Is The Highest Credit Score One Can Achieve?

Posted On : July 2nd, 2011
Whether or not we admit it, at one point in time or another, all of us have wondered about what is the highest credit score anyone can achieve? It is not as much of a secret as a matter of unawareness. Most people while all have a credit score, good, bad or ugly, may not […]

What Is Credit Score, Why Is It So Important?

Posted On : March 19th, 2011
What is credit score – do you want to have the answer to this? In simple terms, credit score is a measure of your creditworthiness to the lenders. In other words, it is a measure of how likely it is that you will be able to honor your commitment when a bill is presented to […]

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Whether or not we admit it, at one point in time or another, all of us have wondered about what is the highest credit score anyone can achieve?

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