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How To Improve Your Credit Score?

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What Is Identity Theft? A Guide To Protecting Your Personal Info

Posted On : June 22nd, 2012
In this day and age, one of the more common crimes being committed involves identity theft. Compared to crimes such as murder or robber, stealing personal information is considered non=violent in nature. Albeit it does not involve physically hurting a person, the crime can still inflict harm in other ways. So what is identity theft […]

How To Report Identity Theft?

Posted On : June 12th, 2012
Identity theft and identity fraud are two terms used to describe the fastest growing crime within the United States and encompasses any crime in which another individual unlawfully gains and uses another individuals private information in some way that includes fraud or deception, typically for economic gain. Unlike fingerprints, which are unique to the individual […]

Key Steps For Effective Identity Theft Protection

Posted On : June 6th, 2012
Identity theft is a growing problem. When someone steals your identity, he or she uses your personal information: your name, your credit card number or your Social Security details. An identity thief can use your name to get a credit card, to take a loan or to rent an apartment. Stealing personal information is surprisingly […]

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