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How To Improve Your Credit Score?

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Credit Score: Reviews

A good credit score is important for the purpose of securing low interest loans. No matter what kind of loans you are applying for–for example, credit card loans, mortgages, personal and home loans, insurance premiums– a fair credit score will make sure that you qualify for the loans and that at  decent interest rates. This is why it is necessary that you keep a track of your credit rating changes and check your credit score regularly. And you can do that at a place like Once you register for the site, you can access your credit score from all three bureaus– TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.

The reviews for freecreditclick are mostly positive. You can start accessing the service after you complete a simple sign up process. The site gives you unlimited access to your credit ratings. The processing is very fast too, so you can view all your three credit ratings in a matter of seconds. You can also monitor the changes to your credit rating through their daily updates sent via email. The last option seems to be very popular with most of the clients and most reviews mention this as a very useful feature. According to the reviews, Free Credit Click will send you an email every time a change is registered in any of your three credit reports. So, if you make a loan payment, you will know the moment it is entered into your credit report. Therefore you will also get to understand just how the repayment has affected your credit rating. This gives you a better understanding of the whole credit rating system, a knowledge you can put to good use in future to maintain a healthy credit score.

Another thing about that enjoys enough popularity with clients is their ID theft protection benefit. Your account at the site includes an identity theft protection of up to $1 million. The FAQ page of the site is very well-maintained, too. The page includes most relevant questions regarding credit rating and the answers are brief and to the point and give a nice overview of the matter. Reviewers are also positive about the dispute center the site features. The feature allows the clients of freecreditclick to dispute errors/mistakes on their credit ratings directly from the website.

However, one drawback of the site, according to the reviewers, is that it is not a BBB-registered place. Moreover, some of the reviews are also not comfortable about the fact that the clients do not get to see the prices before they enter the signing up phase. Another thing is that there is no ‘about us’ page and the company information provided on the site do not seem to be adequate enough. Again, while the FAQ page is useful, there is no link to it in the homepage interface and you can only access it once you have moved to the ‘contact us’ section.

In all, however, the reviews for are mostly positive. The site is easy to use and offers a number of useful features and some great options for their clients. While one is justified to expect more transparency regarding the company and price information, the free credit click still offers a competitive price by industry standards. The bottom line: reviews generally recommend the site for checking one’s credit score.

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