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A Free Credit Report For Military Men And Women

Written by Brian James

You can take the first step to financial security and a secure future when you apply for the free credit report for military service members. Your credit report is a vital part of your profile when you interact with any financial institution and also with some employers outside the US government. These institutions and employers already have access to your credit report. You can empower yourself by learning about it for yourself. It is your information and you have as much right to it as anyone. Since you can get it for free, there is no reason to avoid applying for this information.

Why Do I Need the Free Credit Report for Military Service Members?

When you are in the military, a lot of things are managed for you as you serve your country. However, if you want to acquire things such as your own car or home at some point, you will probably need to get a loan just like anyone else. While there are special deals available in the loan industry for members of the military, these loans require a certain credit rating. The better your rating, the better the terms of your loan will be.

 In order to keep your credit score at the highest level possible, you need to be aware of what is going on. Even if you believe that your credit score is excellent, because you always pay back everything on time and have never defaulted on anything, there may be errors in your rating. These unexpectedly low credit scores sabotage people all the time.

Many people enter into deals for cars, homes and other big ticket purchases and think that they are going to secure a loan without a problem because they are confident in their credit score. It is a big disappointment to them when they learn from their potential lenders that they do not qualify because their credit rating is too low. Then they realize that they should have checked their credit score before they began looking for a loan.

Without the free credit report for military service members, you would have to pay for this privilege of knowing your credit score. Keeping an eye on your credit rating is like checking your appearance in the mirror. You want to know if your grooming appears perfect for inspection. When you ignore the opportunity presented by the free credit report for military soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen, you ignore a chance to prepare yourself for one of the most important inspections of your life.

Timing Your Request for the Free Credit Report for Military Members

Since you are serving your country, you can never be sure where you will be at any juncture in the future. Going overseas is a hassle in many different ways. You will also find that it makes it difficult to learn your credit rating. Most of the websites that issue this information legitimately do not allow overseas access. You have probably run into this scenario with a number of Internet services if you have already served overseas.

If you want the ease of access that the Internet provides for your free credit report, you will need to begin as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may find yourself in foreign regions and not have this opportunity. If that does happen, you will need to make contact with the credit reporting agency via the telephone or through the mail. Naturally, these methods may require more time to get this critical information to you.

How to Get Your Free Credit Report for Military Service

You are entitled, just like anyone else, to get a free credit report once per year. This credit report details where you fall on a rating system that goes as high as 800, which represents near credit perfection for most people. The information on the credit report will come from three major credit reviewers in the United States. These are Experian, Transunion and Equifax.

You can acquire this information by going to the annual credit report website. You can also contact them over the telephone or through the mail. You can receive your credit report through the mail or online.

This free credit report applies to each of the three agencies that review and report on credit. You do not have to limit yourself to one report from the three simultaneously. If you wish, you can ask to get a separate one from each company every four months. While this does not necessarily give you the confirmation of having three reports substantially agree about your credit rating, it does help you keep an eye on your score more often. This can help prevent you from getting surprised at the end of the year with a negative or erroneous report.

How to Use Your Free Credit Report for Military Purposes

With this free report, you are able to take command of your personal finances. Even if you are not looking for a loan or anything on which your credit score depends, you should still remain aware of your rating. There are several agencies available, often staffed by ex-military, who are aware of how you might need this information and how to correct or improve it when necessary. Do not be afraid to contact them for help.

Eventually, you will need to use your credit rating to acquire a loan, even if you remain in the military your whole life. Access to a free credit review gives you the power to adapt to the financial terrain that will confront you when you go to apply for these loans. Even if you do not ever plan on buying a home, you could still use this information to consolidate old loans, buy a car or simply secure a credit card with a high limit and a low interest rate. Lenders will not give you these opportunities unless they can see that you are a worthy credit risk. Show them that you are capable of handling any loan by keeping track with your free credit report for military men and women.

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