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Altra Federal Credit Union – Building A Solid Financial Future

Written by Brian James

Altra Federal Credit union has been offering financial services to the members located in 16 locations. Services are offered for members from Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota and a few other locations. Several services, such as mortgages, auto loans and credit cards are offered to the members. You can access an online banking login and open a savings account or a checking account. You can also view your account history. Loan application and payments can also be made online. It is a federally chartered union having its headquarters in La Crosse, Wisconsin. They have four branches in Wisconsin and Minnesota and about 60,000 members.

You can be eligible to become a member if you or your family member lives or works in the qualified area. If you attend school or work in the qualifying school or district mentioned, you can become a member. Even if you are an immediate relation to an Altra Federal Credit Union member, you can get membership. There are also Altra Select Employees group offered by their business services. If you are employed in such groups, you can avail the benefits. Members of the Social Club in La Crosse can also avail membership.  They can then open savings and checking accounts online. You only need to download a membership application and mail it to the address mentioned on their home page. Even those who are not still members but have the eligibility to become a member can apply for loans and credit cards. You can also invite your friends and family to join the Credit Union.

It is important to note that Altra Federal Credit union is different from the traditional bank. They meet the financial needs of their members by providing sound economic services that are competitively priced and diversified. They are also very friendly and helpful in providing these services. All the products and services offered in a bank are offered by them, but it is a not-for-profit financial cooperative and the members also own a share of the Credit union, thus providing an equal influence for all members.

Online banking services are also provided by Altra Federal Credit union and the members can make loan payments and track their debit cards or credit cards online. You can transfer funds to other financial institutions and take e statements of your account. Enhanced login security is provided to protect members from online fraud. You can also get detailed help and instructions from the help menu on the page. You can use the services for home financing, mortgaging, and auto financing and so on. Lowest rates and fees are offered to the members. Their lending team also provides full assistance and answers all your questions.

The financing options offered will fit all budgets. They even offer the conventional fixed rate and adjustable rate loans as well. Savings accounts are also offered for all ages and lifestyles, so that you can protect your hard earned savings. A health savings account is also offered to meet any future medical savings. Competitive dividend rates are offered by Altra Federal Credit Union on certificates from 6 to 60 months investment at fixed rates.

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