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Credit Cards For Fair Credit – Reviews

Written by Brian James

No wonder that the latest trend that shows credit score which is lower throughout the length and breadth of the US is creating concern among the credit card issuers in the country. On one hand, they are worried about the recent mortgage crisis within some segments of people, while on the other, they feel strongly about the competition to get a credit card that offers good credit. However, here is a listing of some of the better credit cards for fair credit that are currently available for the general public.

Credit Cards for Fair Credit – The Various Options

  • ® Platinum Select® Master from Citi is considered to be a favorite for applicants who enjoy fair credit rating. It offers the feature of balance transfer at 0% APR, which is for six months and very low interest rates (9.99%). The card, incidentally offers some platinum benefits that include fraud protection, insurance for car rental, and travel insurance coverage up to a maximum of $1,000,000. To be honest about it, this card is considered to have a few of the finest overall features for credit cards for fair credit.
  • Accelerated Rewards™ Bank of America® credit card has been created for people with average credit score, while it offers fixed 9.9% interest rate. Also, it allows you to transfer the balance from the earlier cards and avail 0% APR up to one complete year. Incidentally, as is usual for the cards with good credit, no annual fee is charged for this card. So far as a reward program is concerned, card holders can avail of 1.25 points meant for each dollar they spend. The points get applicable to cash rebate, branded commodities, travel without any blackout dates, gift certificates and hotel discounts. It also allows you to include theft protection as well as personal concierge which make the card a good one for people who have an average or fair credit.
  • Total Access ESPN Visa® Card which is given by the Washington Mutual has been considered to be the most-liked credit cards for fair credit that is currently offered. Its offer of very attractive rate of interest and reward program for sports enthusiasts is welcomed by all. With this card, card holders make five points for each dollar they pay out, which may be applied at the ESPN Zones, ESPN Shop, as also at Concierge Service of ESPN Sports. Apart from the usual ESPN benefits, the cardholders are allowed access to sundry rewards, such as the VIP access for important sporting events, fine dining, retail as well as travel rewards. It is ideal for somebody who loves sports and has average to good credit.

By the way, even if the credit you enjoy is rated ‘fair to average’ (read poor), you have nothing to worry. The Gold MasterCard® from Continental Finance is currently giving the card for applicants who do not enjoy good credit at very low APR (9.75%). Orchard Bank also offers credit cards for fair credit with similar facilities with a marginally higher rate of interest but better benefits and terms.

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