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Get Your Annual Credit Report With No Credit Card Details

Written by Brian James

Do you need to get your credit report but you don’t have a credit card? Worry no more; it is possible to get your annual credit report. Many people who have no credit cards find it a problem to get access to their credit information because companies ask for credit cards.

It is no secret that even the sites that are supposed to give free credit reports demand for credit cards with the hope of selling their products to you or creating a credit monitoring service that is not free. The Federal law called the Fact Act mandates AnnualCreditReport.com2 to give free annual credit reports to customers.

If you don’t have a credit card, you can get a free annual credit report without credit card by applying through your mail. It however, takes a few weeks to be processed so you must be prepared to exercise patience.

A credit report contains your personal information, your credit history, public records like liens and a list of persons and/or organizations that have requested your credit report.

All US residents can freely view and print out their credit information from the major credit agencies namely Equifax, Experian and Transunion. There are no trial memberships or need of credit card information associated with AnnualCreditReport. Once you enter your identification details you can choose to view reports from one or three of the credit companies’ reports. You can also order a report from a different company after every four months.

It is important to know that your credit score is not included in the annual credit report. You may have to chip in a few dollars for all the three credit agencies to give you information about your credit score. If you would like to get your credit score free of charge, then you have to sign up for a free credit score trial membership. The disadvantage is that the free credit monitoring trial will need your credit card information.

Other Ways to Get Free Credit Reports With this service you get “credit report card”. This is not similar to the actually credit report. The company views your report on your behalf then give you letter grades on different areas of the report. This is very helpful in giving you information on areas that you need to improve. This service also provides your credit score for free. This service is run by Experian; it is free and does not require credit card details. You will receive your annual credit report and credit score from Experian free of charge. You will also be provided with tips on improving your credit rating and a feature for tracking your credit score.

Despite the need for credit card information in CreditKarma and Quizzle, all the above ways have exceptional advantages apart from just giving you annual credit reports. The only non fraudulent ways of getting free annual credit reports is by phone, mail or online. If you find a site asking you to pay a fee to access your credit report for free, just know that you are on the wrong page.

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