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How Can You Avail Your Free Credit Report Without Credit Card?

Written by Brian James

A credit report is a key information document that gives you details about what steps that you take in clearing outstanding debt. This report is also sometimes analyzed by creditors before giving you credit. You can get this free credit report without credit card. There are various online tools that can help you to track this score and work on optimizing this score.

How to Get It

There are different options that you can check out to obtain your free credit report without credit card. Using these methods, you do not have to give even a single bit of your credit card information online. This can enhance your security. The first option is to use the services of the three major credit reporting companies in the US. When you use request your credit report through the assistance of these companies, you are neither required not to give out your credit card details nor have a trial membership with them. All that you need to provide the companies to obtain the credit reports are your personal information to identify yourself. Once you have done this, the websites of these companies guide you through a step by step process on viewing your credit report online annually. However to get your free credit score, you must register with these companies.

A second option to get your free credit reports is to make use of various websites set up by the Government that are authorized to provide genuine credit reports. All you have to do to obtain your free credit report without credit card is to register yourself with them and create an account for yourself. An advantage of using this option is that they help you with viewing your credit scores and also guide you on what you can do to enhance your score. If you plan to use any private website, it is a good idea to check out the authenticity of this website before you use its services. However since you will not be using a credit card, you will not run into the risk of a monetary loss.   

You can also obtain your free credit report through ordinary mail services. When you send an application requesting your credit report to a credit reporting agency, remember to send a proof of your identification along with the request. A good identification proof is a copy of your driving license.

Which to Choose

Once you have understood the various methods of receiving your free credit report without credit card, take time in deciding which option will work the best for you. If you are not able to make an option without trying out the various options, you can try out each of them individually one after the other. You can also use the three options at a time. Each option has its own advantages and also offers you a unique service of its own.

Choosing one of the above modes of payment is often a good choice to avoid scamming. Also, the people who obtain a credit report this way are those who do not use a credit card. When you opt for a free credit report without credit card, the chances of identity theft are very less. Moreover when you use this method to obtain your credit report, you do not have to make any payment.

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