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How To Dispute Credit Report And Why You Should Review Them

Written by Brian James

It has been the nature of the human to make mistakes and so is done by the credit reporting agencies and the credit card companies. A bad impression is created on your credit report as such errors lowers your credit score and in the future it would be difficult for you to have loans. Monitoring your credit report has become important due to this reason. It has now become an important question for the individuals that, how to dispute credit report? For that purpose you just have to file the dispute against the creditor.

According to the law the individuals are free to access their credit report and what they should so that they could know that the information contained in them is accurate. The errors displayed in the future reports if not corrected at the time of data entry.

How to dispute credit report – major reasons     

An individual should have a specific reason before he is to file a dispute on the credit report. Nobody likes to make mistakes and a person does not tolerate them on the report.  Some reasons for a dispute could be:

  • You have full authority to file a dispute as the information mentioned in the report is incorrect. For example, it has been wrongly said in the report that you have been submitting your fees late or has outstanding dues.
  • One issue could also be of the identity theft. On your credit report you see that there is information mentioned of the credit card that actually does not belong to you. In this way a process of clearing up of your report can be filed by you.
  • The credit bureaus should be informed by you regarding the problem of that particular credit card company.

You should file the issue as soon as possible because in order to properly handle the situation the whole process might take about 90 days.    

A dispute on credit report errors :

For how to dispute credit report errors you should know that in your credit report all the information is included like how you pay your bills, were you arrested sometime in your life, where you live and other relevant information. The privacy and the accuracy of all such information have been done in the files by the approval of the federal Fair Credit Reporting (FCRA).    

Periodically reviewing off the credit report has been suggested by the consumer advocates and the financial advisors for several reasons:

It all depends on the credit report and the information contained in it that whether you are eligible for the loan or not.

Whenever you apply for a loan just to purchase something such as a house, you need to make sure that the information in your credit report is accurate.  

Overall the basic concept is to give awareness to the people regarding the fact, how to dispute credit report. Not once in a month but it is necessary to remain update to their credit report once in a year as it is helpful to them for the future otherwise an error in the report is a loss for them.

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