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How To Get A Free Credit Score Without Credit Card?

Written by Brian James

There are many people out there who either do not want to divulge their credit card number OR do not have a credit card to start with. However, these people also need to find out their credit score without having to divulge a whole lot of financial information on their part. And that is where the quest about getting a free credit score without credit card begins.

Most people do not want to sign up for free trials of credit monitoring services in order to obtain their credit scores, which they fear eventually having to cancel to avoid being charged for their services. This also becomes problematic when someone does not own a credit cared to begin with. So here is how to go around this problem.

Getting a free credit score without credit card

There are a number of ways to obtain free credit scores. The following section discusses the ways to obtain just that:

  1. Buy Your Credit Score: If you are up for some investment and thus getting a spot on score, use myFICO. This service is run by the same company that introduced the renowned FICO score, the Fair Isaac Corporation. Through myFICO, anyone can buy their credit score for a fee charged one. However, not everyone is up for paying this fee and that there is free trial services.
  2. Free Trial Credit Monitoring services: there are a number of online services offering free credit scores when one signs up for a trial of the credit monitoring services they offer. These are a great source for acquiring free credit score without credit card. Some examples of these sites include, and
  3. Free Credit Scores without Cards: There are also services out there that simply offer free credit scores without requiring a credit card. Some of these sites are CreditKarma and Quizzle.

Websites Offering Free Credit Scores without Credit Cards

The services of these websites may appear dicey to some and trigger the thought about how these services would be making money then? Well, the main source of revenue for websites offering these services is on-site advertisements. These scores are not the actual FICO scores but project a picture that is close enough to the real FICO scores.

1. Credit Karma

This website offers a report card on your credit and your credit score as it is calculated by Trans Union. The great thing is that this report card tells you what factors are helping or hurting your credit score. The service does not require a credit card or signing up for any free trials.

2. Quizzle

The only difference between Quizzle’s services than that of Credit Karma is that the former provides a credit score based on Experian. Quizzle also provides a tool for managing your budget in more ways than one.

FICO vs. Other Scores

One question that may arise will be regarding the difference between the FICO and other scores from free credit websites. While all these scores use the same information regarding credit scores, the only difference is that they don’t use the same formula to calculate the score that FICO does. But this does not mean that their formulae do not provide a good indication of one’s free credit score without credit card.

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