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How To Get Your Free Credit Score Report

Written by Brian James

Free credit score website is a family part of online credit reporting sites and belongs to ConsumerInfo Company. It allows you to access credit card information very easy and quickly. ConsumerInfo Company is giving credit reports to more than 3.1 million people. It provides innovative products in order to give full support to consumers in understanding their credit.

Free credit score report gives you a report for credit scores. You can see your credit accounts, inquiries, account history and many more. Credit score is based on credit report information. Checking you score and report is actually the first step in order to manage your credit. Good credit score is very important to build you financially. If it is high, you will definitely get less risk in credit.

If you are member of credit website, you can check your score and how to measure and increase these scores. Website provides very quick service. Within seconds you are able to see your personal credit report and score. All you need is to get free credit card.

How to get free credit score report:

Reports will not be sent automatically. If any consumer wants their credit reposts, he/she must complete initialization process in any one of the given three ways.

  1. Online: If you want to apply online in order to check your free credit score report, you need to browse website It is an authorized website where consumers can access their reports for free. Click on “Become a member” and then fill out the form with correct information. Don’t hassle to given correct information because Company uses secure socket layer encryption and all information you enter transfer to secure servers. After becoming member of free credit score website, you will be able to access it by entering username and password.

Web credit score application is now available on iPhone and android. You can check for your free credit score report at any time even if you are not in front of your PC.

  1. By phone: If you don’t want to apply online or don’t have internet service, you can contact toll-free at 1-877-300-2506. If you have any other query or you forget your username or password, you can also contact by making a single call.
  2. By email: Third option is to apply by email on You will get a quick response after making any inquiry through online.

What benefits you will get:

Trial period is for 7 days. After completing trial period you will be charged with only $14.95 per month. After accessing credit score:

  • You will be able to check your free credit score report. In case of any change regarding report, you will be sent notifications.
  • You can access and review credit report at any time.
  • Monthly credit score will be checked and you will be notified with ups and downs or any risk level of your report.
  • Monthly statement will be generated for credit score.
  • Free credit score website has an access to fraud resolution specialist in case if your identity is stolen.

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