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Four Tips On How To Increase Your Experian Credit Score

Written by Brian James

Your Experian credit score will determine if you are eligible for a mortgage, car loan, and an unsecured credit card.  This is the primary reason why you should take measures to improve or maintain your beacon score.  Your Experian credit score will let you know if you are in a position to apply for a loan or credit card.

Experian is a popular international company that calculates and monitors credit scores.  Their service gives lenders an opportunity to make informed decisions on prospective borrowers.  Lenders are able to determine the risk associated with prospective borrowers.  Lenders are well-known for avoiding or declining individuals with poor credit scores.  This is the main reason why many are forced to do business with cash advance centers and pawn shops.

Employers are also well-known for evaluating the credit scores of job applicants.  Candidates with a low beacon score are denied employment in some cases.  Employers see individuals with low credit scores as a risk.  Many employers are uncomfortable with hiring individuals who may appear to be a risk around money or sensitive information.

Experian credit score is well-recognized across the nation.  You can carry a copy of your credit file to banks, credit unions, and automobile dealerships.  You can easily use your credit report as a negotiating tool with automobile salesmen and loan officers at financial institutions.   

Experian will allow you to have access to your credit file for a modest fee.  An Experian credit file contains detailed information on one’s credit history.  It consists of six critical parts.  Let’s take a close look at them.

Your Personal Information

Your report will contain all your personal information.  You will see vital information such as your social security number, name, and address.  It is important that you verify your personal information listed on your report.  Verifying your information can help you avoid becoming a victim of fraud or identity theft.

Account History

Your account history will also be listed on your file.  All of your financial transactions can be found within this section.  Details such as loans and credit-card transactions can be found within this category.

Credit Summary

This category has a brief listing of your past financial transactions.  Details of your past financial transactions can be found within your account history section. 

Public Records

This section will have a listing of items that have been filed against you in public records.  Bankruptcies, judgments, and delinquent payments can be found here.

Credit Inquires

The credit inquiries section will let you see how many times financial institutions have made a request to review your credit file.  You are considered to be a poor candidate for a loan if several lenders have reviewed your credit report within a short period of time. 

Creditor Information

Your creditor’s information is listed within this section.  This can be helpful if you find any mistakes or inaccuracies on your file.  The creditor information section is designed to help you contact your creditors.  You can begin your dispute once you make contact.

Getting access to your credit file is important if you have intentions of getting approved for an automobile or home loan.  Viewing your credit score will let you know if you need to take measures that will help you increase your beacon score.  Repairing your credit is not as difficult as you believe.  Let’s preview several tips that can help you repair your credit within a reasonable amount of time.

Pay Your Bills on Time

Paying your bills on time will increase your score over a period of time.  Creditors are notorious for reporting late payments to Experian.  It is important that you pay your bills promptly if you want to avoid having negative information placed within your credit file.

Negotiate with Creditors

You have the privilege of negotiating with creditors on past overdue accounts.  Unfortunately, some individuals make the mistake of allowing past overdue accounts to sit on their report for a long period of time.  Creditors are open to reducing the outstanding amount due on your account.  Making a reasonable to your creditors can help you erase credit blemishes with ease.

Avoid Using Your Credit Cards to the Limit

You should always avoid using your credit cards to the limit.  You will lower your credit score if your credit cards are at their limit.  Credit experts encourage card holders to use half of their credit limit. 

Secured Loans

Secured loans are designed to help individuals improve their financial situation.  A secured loan can be repaid within a matter of months.  Details of a repaid secured loan can increase your score dramatically.

It is important that you monitor your credit score.  Watching your Experian credit score can help you determine if you are a prime candidate for a mortgage or car loan.  Poor credit can disqualify you from loans and certain forms of employment.  Following the tips listed above can help you repair your credit within a matter of months.

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