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Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union – HVFCU Reviews

Written by Brian James

Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, also known as HVFCU is a financial institution with more than 200,000 members and one of the largest among the credit unions in the US. A wide range of services are offered to the New York counties of orange, Ulster and also to Dutchess and Putnam. It is a financial cooperative that was created in the year 1963 in New York to serve the employees and their families by IBM. Savings and consumer loans were initially offered to the members and the name finally changed to the present HVFCU. Those who live or work in the counties mentioned can join this credit union.

The Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union is fully service oriented and a non-profit organization. Hundreds of companies in Hudson Valley are their members and their employees can avail the services of the organization. Several types of loans, such as vehicle loans, home equity loans and mortgages are offered through the financial services. It also offers business loans and Visa debit cards and gifts cards. The members can borrow any kinds of personal loans for college tuition, vacations, and surgeries and so on. There is no need of collateral and you can use the online application for the loan. You can even arrange to have the loan payment automatically deducted from the savings or checking account and get the benefit of a reduction in the interest rate.

Payment options for loans are also easy and convenient at Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, as apart from the automatic deduction, you can also transfer the amount via phone or ATM or through Internet banking. Check and cash can also be sent through the mail. Visa credit cards are also offered to members. They have three types of cards, namely the Visa platinum with a low rate or the one with reward points or cash back and cash rewards type. Online application is possible for all these cards.

Higher education loan is also offered for students to meet the financial needs of the parents and the student. The program is known as HELP, higher education loan program from Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union. It is available when the student is in school and acts as a supplement to the government loan programs. These payments can also be deducted from the member account, so that there is no need to worry about late or missed payments. The bonus offered in this kind of payment is that there is a reduction in the interest rate by .25%.

You can also avail business loans from the financial institution in order to make your business more profitable. There are many loan products offered at low interest rates and many other attractive features, such as business credit cards and lines of credit. Additional services are also provided for depositing your payroll or social security pension into the savings or checking account. You don’t need to bother or worry about the checks being lost in the mail or getting stolen and can have full peace of mind by becoming a member of the Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union.

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