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Revitalize Your Finances With A First Premier Bank Credit Card

Written by Brian James

The First Premier Bank credit card offers the perfect opportunity for fixing your financial portfolio. For those that have made mistakes with their spending, this card serves as the ultimate solution for getting everything back to normal. With the right strategy in place, the First Premier Bank credit card can give you a score of 700 in less than a year.

To achieve such a feat, here is what you need to do. Check your FICO credit score. There are a number of sites dedicated to this purpose, though some of them may require a monthly fee. The best networks will only charge a fee once. Either way, after you have received your score, you need to check to see if it is high enough to guarantee an approval from First Premier. Since this company tends to help people with bad credit, you can get a card even with a very low score. To start, you will need a score of at least 550 to gain approval.

If your credit score is 550, you are ready to apply for your card. There are many First Premier cards available. The best ones allow you to start off with a 0 percent APR. This means that you will not get charged interest for a certain period of time. Most cards allot for six months, though there are some that allow 0 percent APR for up to two years. It does not really matter. What is important is how you use the time you are given.

During your interest free period, you should charge up to 50 percent of the balance on your card. Do not pay the balance off. When the economy was better, financial experts advised that credit card holders pay their balances off monthly. This is no longer effective. Now the best strategy involves holding your balance indefinitely. In exchange, you will have to pay the minimum monthly payment as determined by First Premier.

Speaking of balances, you might be wondering what your initial balance would be with a First Premier card. Like any credit card, it ranges. Applicants with bad credit will more than likely start off with $300. The opposite is true for those with good credit. The balances range from $1,000 to around $10,000.

Corporate credit cards can be another option for those that might be upset with their initial balance. While you will still need a score of at least 550, a corporate credit card gives you more spending power just because you have a business. However, you may have to sign more paperwork. Standard credit cards can be acquired with a one page application. Corporate credit cards may require a more advanced process.

In summary, if you are suffering with a bad credit score, consider turning to First Premier. With a First Premier Bank credit card, you have the potential to achieve even the highest dreams in regards to your finances. Indeed, do not settle for a sour financial portfolio when you have First Premier to help you.

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