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The Best Credit Report Site For Keeping Tabs On Your Credit Score

Written by Brian James

Among the several reports that are related to your life, your credit score report is one of the most important. It contains information that will make you eligible to finance big purchases like that of a house, car, and sometimes, it can even go as far as to determine where you will work. It would therefore be a good idea to have access to your credit report and know what it contains. This helps in two ways– you can verify its accuracy and try to change it by working towards improving your credit score. So decide on the best credit report site and find out what’s going on because it would be terrible to be caught unawares on a bad credit report.

There have recently been some changes made to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and people today have a number of options in terms of accessing their credit report. This was not really possible a few years ago. Today, you can get a completely free hard copy once every year. You can also opt to have a more comprehensive report that will also monitor your credit cards and protect against ID theft.

Often called the best credit report site is that of myFICO, which is the company that creates the credit score list that most lenders across the country use. It is the only provider online to give you a real credit score while most other companies simply give you a summation of where your score stands.

If you would like to see a detailed breakdown of your credit score and are not really particular about getting the document itself in hand, then CreditKarma could be what you are looking for. What it does is pull out your report from any one of the main credit bureaus and gives you all the details. It is loaded with information but will not be the actual credit report in itself; the information is nevertheless useful.

Experian is another one of the good sites around and charges you a dollar for a week’s worth of trial. On the same lines and owned by Experian is FreeCreditScore, where you can order a credit card report along with your credit scores. If you make sure to cancel your subscription in a week, the deal is free or else, it converts into a package that costs you $14.95. It will give you constant access to your Experian based credit card report as well as score. You will also see how your account is monitored with Equifax and TransUnion.

CreditReport has the same charge scheme as Experian and is a good source of information. You can have all of your credit scores that are monitored by the three main bureaus and put together for you via Equifax for a charge of $16.95. On similar lines is TransUnion, which offers you a week’s worth of credit monitoring for $14.95 a month and tops that up with an insurance of $25,000 in case of ID theft. With IdentityGuard, you will be able to get credit reports from all three bureaus along with a $1 million ID theft insurance for three weeks for just $3; it will cost $17.99 after that.

Take your pick from one of the places mentioned above, and make a visit to get a credit score and put your finances in a better perspective.

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