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Tips On How To Check Your Credit Score

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Credit score is a number having three digits which is used in banks in order to approve credit and loan applications etc. Beside banks, credit score is checked by utilities companies, cell phone providers, small hospitals, landlords and employers.

Why you need to check your credit score?

You should know how to check your credit score to see how and where you stand. It is better to check your score before filling loan and credit application. By doing so, you can get an idea about either your application will be approved or not. After calculation it is estimated that person having credit score less than 620 hardly got approved applications and so faced with higher interest rates.

Credit report and credit score are important in your financial life. It is mandatory to check credit score at least once in a year. Credit experts also advice to check it because after making review, you will be able to check for your errors and inaccuracy. If your credit report is going accurate then your score should also be accurate. So it’s important knowing how to check your credit score.

Sites where you can check your credit score:

Here is best answer of how to check your credit score. There are four different sites that provide you the facility to buy your credit score.

  • is a website which allows you to purchase your FICO score. Order for FICO score depends on credit report at transUnion. To check for credit score free, sign up for credit monitoring trial service and then cancel it before ending of trial period. Visit this website and make registration by filling the registration form.
  • is another best website which helps you in knowing your credit score. Browse website and simply click on get your credit report or score. Fill out order form and click on “Submit and Continue” option. After completing 2 steps, you will be able to check your credit score.  
  • is a home to full credit monitoring and security. You can access your Equifax credit score and monitor any changes. Interactive Score Estimator tool is used to check for your credit score and future factors that affect your score. To become a member with Equifax, join website today and get in touch with Equifax by login to your account.
  • Open to get the answer for how to check your credit score. After filling registration form, you will be assigned with user name and password. Use information given by transUnion website and check your credit score. You can also recover your login information in case you forgot it.

Things to remember:

  • If your application is rejected by one company, it doesn’t mean that you will be rejected by others too. Scoring system is also different in all. Similarly tools they are using to check for your credit scores are not standard and universal that every company use.
  • You can check your credit files by paying only $2. You can also check it without any fee. Make sure that all information present in file is correct and updated. This is the major reason for application rejection.
  • If there is any information in file that is not correct, you can request to change it. After approval from agency, your file will be changed quickly. In some cases, you need to directly talk to agency. Easy way to know how to check your credit score and then improving it is to get electoral roll, give applications on time, give payments on time, get landline and update all old accounts.

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