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What Makes The Score Federal Credit Union So Special?

Written by Brian James

Score Federal Credit Union is a community of members where the members are offered great value for their financial needs. It was first started in 1965. It has been serving its members since then for the last 50 odd years. The Score Federal Credit Union serves its members from three locations. It serves members from all around Tallahassee. The members of the Union all come from Gadsden, Wakulla, Leon and Jefferson. But do remember here that not everybody can seek the help of Score Federal. In other words, to do so, you will first have to become a member of the community or the network.

Over the years, it has really become very popular because of the financial services offered. Today, the union has about 6,500 members. The unique thing about this Union is that, even though there are about 6,500 members, but everybody is known by name. This is what adds that special personal touch. It certainly is a different type of a financial organization that makes a critical difference to their members.

There are countless lenders and financial companies out there in the US? There are some huge companies among them too that enjoy very good market reputation. So why would anybody approach this Union? It is a valid question by somebody who doesn’t know about the Union and the way it works. But once you know this, you will realize the value the Union offers.

Score Federal Credit Union – the advantages

The main difference is that, the Score Federal Credit Union offers financial services with a unique personal touch. Those who become a member get many good benefits. As a member of the Union, you can expect loans at lower interest rates, investments that give you higher returns than the market, convenient locations and accounts. There are many other advantages as well. For instance, let us assume that you have been thinking about buying that dream car for some time. You can now finally go ahead and get it if you are a member of the Union. That’s because, the loan that you can get will be much more affordable to you as the interest rate is lower here.

The lower interest rate means that the loan is more manageable for you now. And it is not just about the car. The fact is that, with a lower interest and easier repayment terms, you can finally think of getting all those things that looked too costly before. This is how the Union is making a difference to the lives of people who are its members.

Score Federal Credit Union Membership Eligibility

So now do you see the benefits of becoming a member of this Union? It is essential to remember here that just about anybody cannot become a member of the Score Federal Union. You must be living there and a member of the community. This is very important as only then will you qualify for membership. If you are not, then you will not be allowed to open your account with the Score Federal Credit Union.

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