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Why Do You Need A Free Equifax Credit Score?

Written by Brian James

Whether it’s a loan, credit card, or major purchase, it’s always important to know your own credit score. Your credit score is the most important factor in almost everything that has to do with getting credit, it can even affect your eligibility for some jobs. With a free equifax credit score you can be sure and confident when you go into that dealership or bank.

Another great benefit of getting your credit score is you may find that you have been a victim of identity theft. This is a huge problem and growing exponentially. You absolutely need to have you credit report to give you piece of mind. Hackers are digging through dumpsters, buying old computers, and using viruses. You would be surprised how far some of these cyber criminals can go. And with the advanced technology at their fingertips they can wreak havoc on your identity faster than ever, especially with advances in internet banking and online credit applications. Early detection is crucial to repairing your credit and stopping these cyber thieves.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go into a dealership with your credit report in hand and tell them the financing you want. It also has profound effects on car salesmen that you know where you stand on your credit; they may be more likely to offer you extra incentives to buy which are always nice. Especially if you planned on buying already!

People that get there credit score have made the first step in repairing any discrepancies and figuring out arrangements to repay the legitimate bills that you forgot about 10 years ago. You’ll be surprised how things can get mixed up and forgotten over the years. You have to take into account moves, disconnects you never paid because you didn’t need the services, and other unforeseen debts. This is a positive step in improving your financial stability in the future. Credit is a major part of almost all large purchases, and you need to be ready to buy your dream home when the time comes.

As far as jobs, a lot of places where you will deal with high volume credit card orders a lot if the times they will do a credit check just for peace of mind that you are not so far in debt that you may be tempted to slip a few credit cards numbers in your pocket. It’s not a particularly fair practice but it does happen. The best thing you can do is get your credit score and start to pay back creditors that have turned you into collections.

In conclusion you need to know your credit score for your own personal knowledge and also so you know where you stand. With your credit score and some online research you can actually find how much your payments will be on different loans. It’s always good to do research beforehand and your credit score is first thing you need to start your research. Bottom line is you need to head over to the Equifax site and get your free credit score now!

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