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Wondering Which Credit Report Is Best?

Written by Brian James

You need good credit report, but do you know which credit report is best? While browsing on the web, you might have come across dozens of credit report agencies providing credit scores and credit reports. However, the best credit report comes from the three credit bureau available online- Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.  Another option is getting your absolutely free credit report by Annual Credit Report.


Equifax is the answer, when you think which credit report is best. You can easily obtain your credit report by logging on to their website . With over 100 years of experience now, Equifax has been delivering solutions to its customers with the highest integrity and reliability. Whether your business is small or large, Equifax tries to empower you to manage your personal credit information and maximize your financial well being. With their up to date and accurate credit report you can actually see the entire profile in a simple and consolidated view.


Further if you think which credit report is best, Experian will surely satisfy you with their services. Team Experian collects all the information and organizes your data from your creditor’s and public records about your credit history. They then prepare credit report which is accessible to current and potential creditors, employers and others as permitted by law. This process really speeds up your capability to get credit. You can easily obtain a credit report online by logging on to their website Experian is a market leader that offers 500,000 or more credit reports per month. It is the best when it comes to help their clients to check their credit report. They also provide protection from theft of identity.


TransUnion is the third credit bureau available online for credit reports. With their credit management, TransUnion helps you control what lenders see and can aid you in influencing the rates. Further, with their financial management you can always get ideas and strategies for optimum credit management with personalized credit and debit analysis. With a set of tools and resources, they protect you against identity theft and control your credits’ health effectively. If you have ever been denied credit report and thinking where you can get one and which credit report is best, log on to to obtain one.

All three credit bureaus also give you the advantage of 3 in 1 credit report. 3 in 1 credit report gives you a simple and consolidated view of your credit from all the three bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion in a single report.

Annual Credit Report

If you are looking for a free credit report annually, Annual credit report is the place to be. Formed jointly by the three bureaus together – Equifax, TransUnion and Experian, Annual credit report was mainly created to comply with FACTA (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act). By simply registering on, you can obtain your credit report absolutely free. A real deal in getting your annual credit report, this is the only site where you get your credit file disclosure for free.

Now when something like this interrupts your mind – Which credit report is best, you know where to register to obtain the best credit report!

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